Do you remember what went on Friday the 6th of September?
We’ll... here’s a reminder - the first express stoped in Kangari Station. The first express in over 10 years & it brought music, positive emotions, and enjoyment.

So many smiles, so many songs, a beautiful evening and joyous hearts! On Friday night at Kangari Station, there was an acoustic evening called "Next Stop - Kangari Station”.
It featured our local band Fools on Parade and also the express brought Latvian songwriter and singer Miks Dukurs for an unforgettable acoustic performance.
The event was filled with joy and gathered around 200 people from many towns & cities around.

Want to see how it happened? Take a peek in the gallery.

See youat the same stop - Kangari Station. You never know what the next express might bring & where it might come from.

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